Where To Draw The Line - Kari Milburn
I happened to pick up this novel during a free Kindle promotion, and only just got around to reading it.

Kari Milburn's "Where to Draw the Line" is a soiree through the darkest reaches of the human mind, a discussion on what makes right and wrong, and how we decide when the social systems we've constructed, as a community, simply aren't enough to uphold justice.

The novel was a quick read, absorbing, and had a great deal of potential. I really liked the author's portrayal of Zoey, William's wife Heather, and her careful writing of the judicial system (a lot of books paint judges, detectives and police officers as incompetent, but I didn't get that feeling here.) I also liked the use of William's day job as a taxi driver to further the plot.

However, there were a few things that bugged me. I didn't understand how Dart, an essential character to solving the crime, could really be justified as being there. He just sort of plopped in halfway and dumped a lot of new info I'm sure the police force should have uncovered earlier. (Without giving spoilers, I imagine that Zoey's friends would have been interviewed the night of the murder as well, and her history with her killer would have been uncovered). It's a shame, because Dart was actually my favorite character! I just couldn't accept him as a 'coincidence', and kept expecting him to reveal himself as something more than a genius-hacker-burglar.

The only other thing that bugged me was the ending! I wish it had been longer; I really want to know what was going to happen to William (and his accomplices) for their part in subverting the law.

All-in-all, a great read. Crime novels usually aren't my thing, but I was absorbed all the way until the end!