Women and Other Constructs - Carrie Cuinn
I just picked up this book about an hour ago and can't believe it's already over!

Granted, it only includes eight stories and a very short poem (constructed on a dare). This was my first time picking up anything by Carrie Cuinn and I must say I was very impressed by her simplistic style which can still portray so much. The stories included in the anthology show a great range of ability and talent in multiple genres, though my personal favorites were 'Mrs. Henderson's Cemetary Dance' and 'Call Center Blues'. I think the only story I was lukewarm on was 'Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere', even though the story has much to offer in how it was told.

The anthology claims to be much about women and the 'constructs' society and culture create to replace them, and for the most part, this is true––I felt that theme a great deal while reading, but fair trigger warning for the casual reader: parental incest, necrophilia and perceived pedophilia are all included in this anthology. Nothing ever explicitly graphic, but it's there.