Oh Myyy! - George Takei
I don't read many humor books, but as George Takei writes, he's sort of the 'naughty gay uncle we all wish we had'. I was more than a little excited to pick up this book, as I'm an avid follower on his Facebook fan page and was expecting more of his brand of humor.

Unfortunately, it didn't much live up to that expectation. Probably because I follow his Facebook page regularly, there wasn't much new material to be had. It was amusing, but they were all jokes I'd seen or heard before (sans his Allegiance videos, which need to be viewed online anyway).

As other reviews have touched on, the book is useful for people who are looking specifically for tips on how to improve their page rankings and reach a broader fan base on Facebook (so long as they intend to do it through humor). For me personally, the following paragraph was the most poignant:

"All kidding aside, it may come as a surprise to many, but peddling a product or service right out of the box doesn't really work that well as an online strategy. Facebook in particular is a pretty lousy place to sell something, because people aren't looking to buy. They're looking to be entertained."

As a moderator for a Facebook group for writers, I couldn't have agreed with this more, and I hope that authors who crop dust their ads across Facebook would read this book in particular.

The writing itself is not out of this world, hence the rating; it reads sort of like a 200 page blog post. Very casual and candid. It rambles about various aspects of the internet (as described from someone who didn't know much about it a couple of years ago-- another point: if you are well-versed in internet lingo and the various meme and image sites, you probably won't get much out of the descriptive passages).

As ever, I appreciate all George Takei does online. Oh Myyy! was a brisk, casual read, but I would have loved to see a bit more new content, and maybe even a bit more focus.