The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen
As many others can attest, this is a book that demands your attention from start to finish, with gripping characters and a storyline so compelling it is near impossible to set it down. Coming from someone who gets easily distracted while reading, this is quite an accomplishment!

Not once did my eyes skim, though I found myself devouring Nielsen's words as the stakes of the conflict kept getting higher and more dangerous; there were several points in the book where I was just as awed as the characters, which speaks to how much The False Prince can draw you in.

Sage is a wonderful character. Too often in fantasy, main characters get what they want too easily, or as boring as cardboard--not Sage! From the very beginning, I fell in love with his cleverness and wit, and the indomitable spirit required of any true fantasy hero.

But the whole cast of characters, from Mott to Imogen, built a world of diverse and motivated characters who all, in their own way, tugged the action in believable, fulfilling ways. I can't really say much about the plot at all without giving away spoilers (there is no fat to be had in this tale; no long, boring expositions, no disjointed subplots), but it has been a long time since I have been so satisfied with a book.

I am so glad that the the second book is already out, and the third is available for pre-order! I'd hate to have to wait too long to continue this story.