Writers' Anarchy: A Short Story Anthology - David Perry, Kari Milburn, Hemanth Gorur, Earl Chessher, Harry S. Franklin, Hayley Carter, Scott J. Kelley, Renee' La Viness, Christine Hilton, Brendan C. Tucker, H.M.C., Stuart Welch, S.M. Morgan, Melissa Osburn, V. Jáuregui, Aaron Hilton, Pamala A. Williams, Timm Tayshu
I rate this for the other authors, not my own work. Some truly awesome stories in this volume. I particularly liked 'Fran's Monster' by Kari Milburn, 'Runaway Muse' by Renee' La Viness and 'This Old Man' by Earl Chessher during my second read. Of course, there are none that I dislike, though that might have had something to do with skipping my own (what was I thinking!)