Part Three: The Bedroom - Andrew Leon
Nonessential Read in the Series

Up until this point, I have enjoyed the Shadow Spinner series, but I was quite confused by Part Three: The Bedroom.

The story does not pick up at the cliffhanger it left off on in Part Two, rather, the scene after. I was so confused by the transition that I actually had to check and make sure that I was reading the correct part.

The Author's Note at the end explains that the scene was skipped for a multitude of reasons, most notably that the information explained in Part Three is actually available in the prequel 'The Evil That Men Do'. Due to this, and the lack of any further action in the chapter, I don't really see the point of reading this part, unless you are interested in Tib's reaction to the events that were skipped.

I didn't mind it so much, because I was able to get Part Three during a free promotion, but I'm not sure it would have been worth the charge, had I needed to pay the fee.