Part Seven: The Moth and the Shadow - Andrew Leon
50% Story, 50% Author's Note

Funnily enough, I was just thinking as I read the last few chapters that the author's notes were getting longer, and in this chapter, Mr. Leon addresses why he makes them. A nice story. However, I think there should be some kind of notice that the story I am downloading is not, in fact, 11 pages, but 5.5, with a 5.5 page note and list to other works. (My opinion, but not the reason I gave it three stars.)

In this chapter, the POV switches to Tib's father, which would have been interesting, except I felt like it was still Tib. The thoughts, the personality-- there was no real difference. I suppose he didn't feel like an authentic voice. It also had sort of a 90s cartoon 'You'll never catch me!' tone, so fell a little flat on the suspense of the prior chapter. The story is still intriguing, but I'd like to see it polished a bit more.