Aymaran Shadow (Eternal Visitation) - Hemanth Gorur
Having followed Aymaran Shadow's teasers across Facebook, I was really looking forward to getting a chance to read it. Hemanth Gorur did not disappoint.

I was immediately blown away by the author's sophisticated use of the language to truly build a narrative around the story. And what a story to tell. The story gets much of his historical roots from the Spanish Conquest, and the rape and murder of a Aymaran woman in 1781. The story uses that history to embellish the narrative. Readers should be aware that some of the overriding themes in the story are rape and loss of dignity, and these are visited rather frequently.

The characters are deeply embellished, making them feel real; very well thought out. The author's effortless use of multiple languages makes the world feel real and the reader can gain a sense of actually being in many different locations around the world. The settings were masterfully described. I loved almost all of the dialog and the use of social media and texts to drive the suspense of the plot along.

One of the hardest tests a book goes through when I am a reader is during the climax and conclusion. I am usually mildly to severely disappointed by the way books end, but for Aymaran Shadow, I have no complaints, at all. It was an impactful, gripping conclusion to a story that never lost a moment of suspense. I was left with a feeling like the story really had ended, but the satisfaction of the ending lingered pleasantly. An excellent read!