Cars and Girls: The Pankhearst FemNoir Sampler - Evangeline Jennings;Tee Tyson;Madeline Harvey;Zoë Spencer
Cars & Girls from the Pankhearst Collective is a wild one-night stand, complete with all of the dark histories, troubled minds and stone-cold resolves of women broken or scorned. There are four stories included in the collection, and while it's hard to pick a favorite, I think in the end I would go with Road Runner, despite some pretty explicit and dark material that made my skin crawl uncomfortably.

I really enjoyed the story of 500, as it felt the most classical of the collection, with the others leaning more towards the more grungy, 'devil may care' noir fiction style of recent years. I really enjoyed all of the stories, however dark they tred. The other offerings include Barracuda, the story of some southern sisters who stand up for each other, and Crown Victoria, which I can't really describe without giving anything away.

Over all, it is a very strong collection, and the authors have styles that compliment each other to a 'T' (At times, it felt like they were all written by the same person, but it could have just been the repetition of themes.) All of the stories are told in first person, and are written very well this way, so my compliments to all of the authors.

There were a few times where the stories got a bit too explicit for my tastes, but on the whole, the women felt real, and for the most part, their motives and actions were solid.

Trigger warnings for the stories: rape (3 of 4), incest (2 of 4), light BDSM (1 of 4).