Dead Assets - Don D. Miskel
Think zombies are the bad guys? Think again.

In this intensely dark and disturbing web of tales by Don Miskel, readers are transported to a world where a zombie outbreak, fueled by a Middle-Eastern terrorist organization, wreaks havoc across the United States.

That is, until 'Madame President' decides that the dead are an asset to the economy.

Zombies, re-purposed as mindless slaves and whores, change the game for people of all classes, sparking a deep societal riff which threatens to corrupt, and destroy, the very nature of humanity.

"Dead Assets" is a set of three tales told within the same, disturbing and rancid world. I'm not a fan of the zombie genre, but Don Miskel managed to keep me hooked until the end with excellently written prose, dialog and a compelling conflict. For those that do love zombies, this book has a lot of appeal, with vivid and visceral depictions of Those That Should Stay Buried. Even though the book contained a lot of subject matter I'm not comfortable with (particularly the gratuitous violence), it is handled powerfully and critically, forcing the reader to think. "Dead Assets" isn't just a thrill ride--it's a treatise on the darker sides of society and the soul.

There were a few elements that sort of killed my suspension-of-disbelief (regarding the nature of the virus and the portrayal of several of the women), but overall, this was a quick and fun read. Looking forward to reading more from this author!