A Day in the Dark - Angel Cox
In this powerful and evocative collection of dark short stories by Angel Cox, readers follow a large cast of well thought-out characters and story lines.

Of the thirteen tales, I think "Toward the Light" is my favorite, with "A Rainy Day" and "The Beginning of Prejudice" coming in as a close second and third. This collection is a strong one, using child narrators, women, men; the destitute and the forlorn, with each touching on a different human condition and asking the reader to think and align the message to their own life.

Two of my favorite lines from the collection are:

"Man can never go backward, but his past can light the way for his journey." (Toward the Light)


"They had set forth to rid their town of evil and managed to rid it of pleasure as well." (The Beginning of Prejudice)

There were a few stories in the collection that had rough, abrupt cliffhanger endings; endings that I feel are particularly hard to pull off, and there was another story I wasn't altogether fond of, but overall this collection is a wonderful debut from a writer who has a lot of talent with characterization and setting. Each story was separate and distinct, and as a whole, "A Day in the Dark" was a wholly pleasurable read.