Shadow Spinner: Collection 3: The Garden (Parts 13-21) - Andrew Leon
This is easily my favorite part of the collections thus far. Collection 3 takes us to the Center, a pseudo-Christian-based Garden of Eden (complete with snake and forbidden fruit). The descriptions that hooked me in the first chapter finally make a comeback, truly breathing life and energy onto the page, and all of the emotional distance is closed, with Tib and Michael expressing their regrets and anger about a lost relationship. There is also a whole lot more of the story to read in this collection, which made it far more satisfying than previous collections.

The depictions of angels were also truly awesome. The Man with No Eyes and the Watcher return, in less antagonistic ways. The Man with No Eyes remains more "cartoony" than his initial appearance led me to believe, but as a YA villain, he's interesting enough.

The additional story, "A Nightmare Named Ricky", by Rusty Carl, is an interesting addition, but for the first time, I definitely enjoyed the "main dish" more than the bonus short. That isn't to say that "A Nghtmare Named Ricky" isn't good; I enjoyed it immensely, though the greasy, oily feeling that comes with a demented child story (think "The Good Son") is sort of hard to shake off.

All in all, a great part of the collection. I'm looking forward to Collection 4.