Ashes - Linda Laforge
Imagine, for a moment, that your soul was not you. Imagine that your soul was, instead, a hostile invader that fed off your every emotion, amplifying them, and shortening your life with its insatiable appetite.

This is the world that surrounds Emily, the world she has always been in, yet not a part of. Things don’t work for her like everyone else. After her fiancé is killed in a gas station fire, Emily is indoctrinated into a world of conspiracy theorists, religious beans, and one hot alien.

Mysteriously, and beyond all the laws of common sense, Emily finds herself pregnant with a baby that is growing at alarming, ever accelerating rates. There is no father. And between a pain killer addiction, imminent bankruptcy, and an inability to find work in her condition, Emily must also decide who to believe, before the world is changed forever.

Linda Laforge provides a tense, swift read with a memorable plot line and (mostly) rational characters. The author’s strengths are in the book’s focus, which keeps the plot moving forward without unnecessary pitstops. At times, the characters felt a little thin, lacking emotion when I felt there should have been more, but overall, I enjoyed this read. The formatting of the ebook was also a pleasure, with little touches that made the work feel more like a paperback in my hands.

Readers who enjoy a little conspiracy, apocalypse, alien invasion, or mysterious pregnancies in their books will find much to enjoy in “Ashes”.