The Blacksmith's Daughter - Crystal Hubbard
The Golden Age of the Fairytale Lives On!

King Austyn is a benevolent, adept ruler who spends so much of his time making sure the people in his kingdom are happy that he has yet to marry. Unfortunately, if he does not marry before his thirtieth birthday, then the crown will be bequeathed to his conniving, power-hungry first cousin.

A board of advisors chosen by Austyn's father is determined not to let this happen, and hold a great contest to find their king a queen before the looming date.

Marcelline, the eldest of seven daughters, works hard to help her family survive after her father grows too old to tend the fires of his forge. She has absolutely no interest in such a contest, but terrible and heart-wrenching forces lead her to Austyn, who holds the only key to giving Marcelline her heart's greatest desire.

Crystal Hubbard writes in a perfect classical voice, using repetitions and alternately romantic and witty dialog to build a rich, enjoyable world for her charming fairytale. In the veins of "Beauty and the Beast", and "Cinderella", "The Blacksmith's Daughter" enriches what is truly wondrous about the Fairytale: good triumphs over the wicked!